Capacity building programmes

1. Training Programmes for gram panchayat members

VARDAN was granted funds by Directorate of Panchayati Raj, Uttarakhand for conducting Training Programmes for capaciaty building of the Gram Pradhan, Officials of Panchayati Raj and Ward members. The focus of the project was to orient the newly elected members of the Panchayats on Panchayti Raj subjects and enable them to maintain the financial and work records of the Panchayats. The training programmes were conducted in 2 phases. The first phase included the training of Gram Pradhans and BDC Members while the second phase included capacity building and orientation of BDC members and VDOs at Nyaya Panchayat level.

Major Subjects of the PRI Training Programmes :

  • 1. Pancahayti Raj Act and 73rd Constitutional Amendment.
  • 2. Formation of Gram Panchayats and Kshetra Panchayats.
  • 3. Roles and Responsibilities of the Different Committees of Gram Panchayats.
  • 4. Zila Panchayats – Role and Responsibilities.
  • 5. Records and Accounts of Gram Panchayats.
  • 6. Schemes of Rural Development at Block and GP Level.
  • 7. Right to Information.

2. "nai Roshni" Training Programmes

VARDAN has received financial support from Ministry of Minority Affairs, New Delhi for conducting training programmes for Minority women of Dehradun District. More than 1000 Minority women have been trained in different batches at varoius locations of the district during last 5 years.

Major Subjects of Training Programmes :

  • 1. Legal Rights of Women.
  • 2. Leadership of Women.
  • 3. Life Skills.
  • 4. Good Governance.
  • 5. Health and Hygiene.
  • 6. Reproductive and Child Health.
  • 7. Right to Information.
  • 8. Gender and Development

3- Van Panchayats Orientation Training Programes (2007- 2009)

VARDAN was provided support from Additaional Principle Conservation of Forest, Van Panchayats and JFM, Uttarakhand for conducting 3 Days Orientation Training Programmes for Van Panchayats in almost all the Forest Divisions of Garwhal Region. The subjects of training included Prepration of Micro Plans ,Rights and Duties of VAn Panchayats. PRA Techniques for Social Mapping ,Nursery Raising Gender, Conflict Resolution, Income Generation Activities etc.

4- Monitoring and Evaluation of FDA Schemes of Forest Division:

VARDAN conducted the monitoring and evaluation of FDA Scheems of several Forest Divisions of Garhwal region for the office of the Additional Principal Conversator of Forest, VAN Panchayat and JFM Uttarakhand. We were assigned to monitor the quality and quantity of plantation works taken up by the Forest Divisons under the FDA Schemes and monitoring reports were submmited to the Department.