Women & Child Development


Objective :To provide Counseling and Support Aid to Distressed Families.

Beneficiaries : Distressesed Women, Married Couples, Adolescents etc.

Central Social Welfare Board, Govt. of India., New Delhi has provided financial support to VARDAN for setting up a Family Counseling Centre at Rishikesh, Tehri Garhwal. The project continued from 2007 to March, 2009.

Focused Issues :

1. Counseling on Family Problems.

2. Counseling on Post Marital Conflicts.

3. Prevention and Control of Women Harassment and Physical Assault.

4. Providing Legal, Livelihood Option Aid to Distressed Women.

5. Awareness on Women Rights, PNDT Act, Legal Awareness etc.


: To provide formal education to non-school going children:

: Non-School Going Children

VARDAN, under the Education Guarantee Scheme, of fake watches Sarva Siksha Abhiyan was alloted 2 EGS Centre in slum areas of replica watches uk Dehradun city namely Purabiya Basti (Patel Nagar) & Chander Nagar.A total number of 57 non-school going & drop out children of the slums were enrolled & given formal education in these EGS Centres. Besides free education the children were also given nutritional diet under the Mid Day Meal Scheme at the EGS Centres. VARDAN also provided free clothing to selected poor students.

3. STEP PROGRAMME (2009-2012)

Objective : To Provide Income Generation Opportunities to Rural Women through Training and Employment.

Beneficiaries : Rural Women in Doiwala Bock, District Dehradun.

VARDAN received financial assistance from Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India for implementation of STEP Project for 500 Rural poor women in Doiwala Bock of replica watches Dehradun District in May 2009. The project aims to provide income generation opportunities to women through training and production of Vermi Compost. Besides this it also envisages to enhance organic farming among villagers through utilization of vermin compost. The project was successfuly completed in May 2012.

Major Components :

1. Promote 50 SHGs & 2 Federations of poor women as institutions of development.

2. Provide training to all beneficiaries in Vermi Composting Technology.

3. Support production and marketing of Vermi Compost for income generation.

4. Provide support services in health, hygiene, social security schemes for poor women.

5. Promote use of vermi compost for organic farming.


: To provide Micro Credit to Poor Women SHG Members for Self Employment.

: Poor SHG women members.

VARDAN, availed Micro-Credit of Rs. 8 Lacs for SHG members from Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, New Delhi under the Main Loan Scheme. The Loan was utilized to provide credit up to Rs. 1500/- to the poor women SHG members promoted by VARDAN with initial support from NABARD. The SHG members were provided loan at thier door strp with mimimum of formalities. The members utlised the loan amount for enhancement of income through petty activities like Dairy, Poultry, Petty Shops, Food processing etc.

5. UDISHA PROJECT (2003-06)

: To provide traning to Anganwadi Workers & Helpers of Integrated Child Developement Services.

: Anganwadi Workers & Helpers of ICDS.

VARDAN,with assistance from ICDS, Uttaranchal under the world Bank Assisted Project "UDISHA" conducted different Traning Programs for the Anganwadi Workers & Helpers of District Rudraprayag & Chamoli in Uttarakhand. The traning included Classroom Traning, Lecture cum Demonstrations by Guest Speakers, Practical Traning & Exposure Visits.


: To provide free Computer Traning to poor women & girls for promoting self-employment.

: 60 Poor Women & Girls.

Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi provided financial support to VARDAN to impart free Advanc Diploma Courses Computer Traning to 60 poor women & girls. The traning courses was of one year duration & the trainees were also provided stipend for the course. Efforts were also made to ensure placement of trainees in private sector & Institutions.