Rural Development

1. Himalayee Ajeevika Sudhar Pariyojna (ULIPH) (2006-12)

Objective :
To promote Livelihood Opportunities for Poor Rural Community.

Beneficiaries : Poor Rural Families of Devprayag Block, Tehri Garhwal.

VARDAN, as a Field NGO, is implementing the ‘Livelihood Improvement Project in Himalayas’ (ULIPH) also known as “Aajeevika Pariyojana” with an objective to promote livelihood opportunities for the rural poor in Dev Prayag Block of Tehri Garhwal District, Uttarakhand. The project funded by International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) through Uttarakhand Gramya Vikas Samiti (UGVS), a unit of Dept. of Rural Development, Uttarakhand is implemented since 2006. The Dobri Cluster was handed over to the Federation in May,2011 while in Bhatkot Cluster the activities were implemented by VARDAN in coordination with DMU, Chamba.The project primarily focuses on the following issues:>

1.Strengthening Village Level Institutions.

2.Capacity Building of the Target Community.

3.Providing Livelihood Opportunities to Rural Poor.

4.Creating Supporting Infrastructure for Livelihood.

2. GRAMYA PROJECT (2006-12)

Objective : To improve record keeping, accounts & Bank Linkage of Self Help Groups.

Beneficiaries :Self Help Groups.

VARDAN with support from Uttarakhand Diversified Watershed Development Programme(UDWDP) has conducted severval Traning Programmes for members of SHGs. The Traning programme was conducted in Record Keeping, Account Maintenance, Federation Formation, Bank Linkage & Gender Issues.


Objective : To provide technical skills and production of Scent Sticks..

Beneficiaries : SC & Minority Category Women & Mentally Challenged Women .

VARDAN implemented "JEEVIKA AWSAR SUDHAR PARIYOJANA" for the mentally challenged women residing in Govt. Nari Niketan, Dehradun. The project benefited 20 women besides the production of Scent Sticks which was marketed by the organisation in local markets. The income generated from sale was distributed to the trainees as an additional source of income. Several Traning Programmes in Tailoring & Dress making were also conducted in Haridwar District for the SC & Minority Women in the year 2009-10 & 2010-11.

4. Vocational Training Cum Production Programme (2004-08)

Objective : To provide vocational skills and promote production of Woolen Garments.

Beneficiaries : Distressed Women of Govt. Nari Niketan.

VARDAN with support from Dept. of Social Welfare Uttarakhand conducted Training Programme for distressed women residing in Govt. Nari Niketan, Uttarakhand. The Training programme was conducted in 2 Trades namely Knitting and Tailoring – Cutting benefiting 50 resident women.

5. SWAP PROGRAMME (2008-13)

Objective : To promote Drinking Water Supply & Construction and Use of Toilets in Rural Areas.

Beneficiaries : Rural Community in Kirtinagar & Devprayag Block, Tehri Garhwal.

SWAP Programme was initiated by VARDAN in 20 villages of Kirtinagar & Devprayag Block of Tehri Garhwal in 2009 . The project is funded by Department of Drinking Water and Irrigation, Uttarakhand, through Uttarakhand Peyjal Nirman Nigam, Deoprayag. In 2011-12 the organisation was assigned the task of conducting IPQA of 11 GPs in Devprayag and Kirtinagar Bock. Major Components of the Scheme are:

1. Devolution of Water Supply Schemes in 20 Villages.

2. IPQA of 07 GPs under Devolution and 04 GPs under FR.

3. Formation of UWSSCs in all selected Villages.

4. Conduct of Pre Feasibility Reports.

5. Preparation of Feasibility Reports.

6. Orientation & Training of UWSSC.

7. Conduct of IEC Activities.


Objective : To Alleviate Poverty in Rural Area through Promotion of Self Employments through SHGs

Beneficiaries : BPL Rural Population of Dehradun, Tehri Garhwal. & Pauri District..

Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana(SGSY) is a major Poverty Allevation Program of the Ministry of Rural Development, GOI. During the 6 years VARDAN has emerged as the leading NGO in Performance of SGSY Scheme in Dehradun District . VARDAN has promoted over 200 SHGs in Dehradun who are linked with banks to promote livelihood in Dairy, Poultry, Sericulture, Goatkeeping,Food processing etc. Like wise over 60 SHGs have been promoted in Tehri & Pauri Districts.

Major Components:

1. Formation of Self Help Group (SHGs) of BPL families.

2. Selection of Key Activities on Cluster Basis.

3. Credit cum Subsidy support for Self-Employment.


Objective : To promote the construction and use of Toilets in rural areas..

Beneficiaries : Rural Community

Total Sanitation Campaign under the Swajaldhara Project was implemented by VARDAN in 19 Gram Panchayats of Dung Badwali Nyaya Panchayat of Tehri Garhwal and 16 Gram Panchayats of Vikas Nagar Block in Dehradun. The project was implemented entirely through the Gram Panchayats and local village Motivators. Besides construction of Latrines several PLA and IEC Activites are organised to promote hygienic sanitation among the rural population.

1. Construction of Individual Latrines.

2. School Sanitation.

3. Sanitation Complex for Women..

4. Rural Sanitary Marts Centres.

5. Preparation of Feasibility Reports.

6. IEC Strategies.


Objective : To promote awarness & skill in techinques of rural farmers.

Beneficiaries : Farmers of Hindolakhal Block, Tehri Garhwal.

VARDAN received assistance from The District Agriculture Officer, Tehri Garhwal for conduct of training programmes for farmers on different farming techniques in agriculture & horticulture. The training programme was conducted at block headquarter Hindolakhal & was attended by more than 400 farmers of the area.

The prime components of training programme were:

1. Organic Framing.

2. Horticulture.

3. Commercial Farming.

4. Marketing of Agriculture produce.

5. Production & Use of Organic composts in Farming.